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Woodland Witches Pendulum Board

Woodland Witches Pendulum Board

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Woodland Witches Pendulum Board. Artwork by Rachel Johnson made locally on the Gold Coast Australia. 200 x 4mm

🧙 Woodland Witches Pendulum Board 🧙

As part of the Hedgewitch Collection, Spellbound Society have produced this beautiful Woodland Witches Pendulum Board:

  • It enhances your magickal space and was designed and hand-drawn in colour by Rachel Johnson the Founder/Artist of Spellbound Society
  • Woodland witches are the guardians of the forest, and they draw their power from the plants, animals, and spirits of the land. They are skilled in herbalism, divination, and other forms of magic that are rooted in nature. Woodland witches are part of a larger web of life -all things are interconnected. 

  • This Pendulum Board is a great tool for self-discovery, energy detection and divination. 

The sign is proudly manufactured in Australia. It is printed in colour on 4mm plywood 200 x 200mm

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