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Witch's Cottage Wall Hanging

Witch's Cottage Wall Hanging

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Witch’s Cottage Sign for the Green Witch.

As part of the Hedgewitch Collection, Spellbound Society have produced this beautiful Witch’s Cottage sign:

  • It enhances your magickal space and was designed, hand-designed  in colour by Rachel Johnson the Founder/Artist of Spellbound Society
  • The Butterfly symbolises personal transformation, renewal and rebirth. When the butterfly comes into your life as a spirit guide, change is on the horizon
  • The Bee represents a strong work ethic and productivity, but also the importance of stopping and smelling the flowers.
  • The Hedgehog represents motherhood, inner presence and pure happiness. It is covered in over 5,000 quills and this shows that the Hedgehog embodies non-aggressive defence and protection. A beautiful meaning and a lovely addition for your witchy aesthetic.
  • I have been designing witchcore items and witchy gifts for many years.

The sign is proudly manufactured in Australia. It is printed in colour on 4mm plywood 23.5 x 17cm

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