How to use a Ouija board

How to use a Ouija board.

Embracing the Mystical: A Green Witch Guide to Using a Spirit Board

Welcome, fellow seekers of the arcane. Let us delve into the mystical realm of spirit guidance with the Ouija board, a tool that has fascinated and intrigued practitioners for centuries. In the verdant embrace of nature, we will explore the art of using a Ouija board in a Green Witch style, infusing our practice with the essence of natural energies and ancient wisdom.

Choose a Sacred Space:

  • Begin by selecting a quiet and sacred space. It can be any room or a quiet garden, but make sure there are no distractions, TVs, games, phones etc. Ideally, the space would be adorned with plants, crystals, and natural elements that will enhance the connection to the spiritual realm.


Moth Ouija Board


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Space Cleansing:

You can cleanse your space to remove negative energy and to protect yourself:

  • Cleanse the space using incense or herbs and waft the smoke and say “I cleanse this space”
  • Use salt water or a room spray. Sprinkle or spray around the room and again say “I cleanse this space”.

Both of these methods will purify the space from any lingering negativity and ensure a pure channel for spirit communication.

Light Candles:

Next, you can light different candles in your space. Green candles invite the energy of growth and transformation, and black candles help with protection. Purple candles boost psychic power and blue candles help with communication.  White candles bring positive energy.

Once your candles are lit,  turn off the lights so you can conduct your seance by candlelight and burn some frankincense incense to uplift energies and promote inner peace.

Free Invitation to Seance

I have illustrated this seance invitation and added editable text boxes so you can personalize your event information. Of course I had to include mushrooms, because us Green Witches love them!


Gather Your Group/Coven:

  • Invite a small group of trusted friends (or at least 1 friend) who share a reverence for the mystical. The power of their collective energy can amplify the connection to the spirit world. 

Circle of Trust:

  • Form a circle with your companions, creating a protective barrier. Envision a shimmering gold light surrounding the group, shielding everyone from unwanted energies.

Using the Ouija Board

Charge the Board and Center Yourself:

  • Before starting, hold the Ouija board in your hands and infuse it with your intent. Channel your energy into the board, aligning it with the natural forces around you.
  • Ground yourself by standing or sitting with your spine straight. Connect with the Earth beneath you, feeling the energy flow through your body.
  • Then sit in a circle around the board and make sure everyone can touch the planchette.


Dark Moth Spirit Board


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The Art of Questioning:

  • Approach the Ouija board with respect and openness and pick someone from your group to lead the session. This person should feel comfortable taking the lead and , ideally, should have some psychic ability.

Welcome spirits to the seance:

State that you only want positive spirits: “We call upon the spirit world and we ask kind and good spirits to talk to us” 

Then ask if there is a spirit with you: “Are there any spirits that wish to talk to us? Is there anyone here now?”

If there is no answer, you can repeat the question and move the planchette in a clockwise circle to get it moving.


Start with easy “yes/no’ questions, as some spirits may not be strong enough to give long answers:

“Can you hear us? Can you see us?” “Did you live in this house?”

Then you can ask longer, more open questions and see if the spirit can spell words.

  •  Remember: pose clear and specific questions, keeping the inquiries focused on seeking guidance or understanding rather than frivolous queries.

The Planchette:

  • Gently rest your fingertips on the planchette, allowing it to move freely. Trust in the process, and let the energy from the spirit guide your hands. Call out the letters to keep track of what the spirit is communicating.  It may be an idea for you and your friends to take turns taking note of the letters.

If your spirit board has a sun or moon, the sun represents light spirits and the moon represents dark spirits.

If a spirit says it is bad, then simply say “goodbye”. The spirit will be gone when you close the seance.


Planchette with Ouija Board


Remain Sceptical:

Spirits were once people and like us, some of them may give difficult, cheeky or rude answers. Just ignore them and ask another spirit to join you.

Saying Goodbye:

  • Always conclude the session by expressing gratitude to the spirits and politely saying “goodbye”. This ensures a respectful closure and prevents any lingering energies. Remember to say thank you:
  • “Thank you for joining us today” “Thank you for your answers”

Remember to state out loud that the session is ending:

“Our seance is finishing now. Thank you and goodbye”

Finally move the planchette so that it is hovering over “Goodbye” on the board.


Woodland Spirit Board


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Further seance tips with Green Witch Wisdom:

Herbal Allies:

  • Surround the Ouija board with herbs such as mugwort, lavender, or rosemary. These herbs are known for enhancing psychic abilities and creating a harmonious environment.

Moon Magic:

  • Schedule your Ouija board sessions during the full moon for added potency. The lunar energy can intensify your connection with the spiritual realm.

Crystal Guardians:

  • Place protective crystals like black tourmaline or amethyst around the board. These stones will help create a shield against negative energies.

In the enchanting world of Green Witchcraft, using a Ouija board becomes a sacred dance between the earthly and spiritual realms. By incorporating natural elements, herbal wisdom, and positive energies, we unlock the potential for profound spiritual insights. Approach this mystical tool with reverence, and let the whispers of the otherworldly guide you on your journey. Blessed be, fellow seekers, as you venture into the mystical unknown.

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