Morning Ritual


Tea, coffee, cacao or other favorite morning drink | Tarot or Oracle cards | Candle | Journal and Pen.

A morning ritual can set the tone for a positive and magical day ahead. When I wake up after making a fuss of my cats, I make myself a cup of cacao. Layout my journal, reading cloth (that I wrap my favorite tarot deck in when I'm not using it). Light a candle and take a few minutes to meditate of just focus on my breath as I relax.

I love looking at the flickering candle flame, the glow of the candle is a nice light that's soft and gentle on your eyes in the morning.  

Then I shuffle the deck, either thinking of a question, or I ask spirit guides what do I need to know today?

If I'm using my goddess deck I may ask what energy is around me supporting me today?

I then pull a card for the day. Journal about the meaning of the card and message, my interpretation and what it means to me. 

I keep my notes in my grimoire. I find it interesting to see how the message helped my day, and when cards reappear often. I also place the card in a card holder on my deck for the day.  

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