Beautiful hand-drawn dark moth and mushroom ouija board spirit board for witchcraft

Designing my Ouija Boards / Spirit Boards

For over a century, the Ouija Board has been an important divination tool. In each new generation of Spiritualists, Pagans, Neopagans, Occultists and Modern Witches, practitioners have realised that the spirit board enables communication with the other side.

I find the history of the spirit board is incredibly inspiring and interesting.

My Spirit Board Designs

I am a Hedge Witch / Green Witch and after using divination tools to communicate with the Land of Spirit, I was drawn to illustrate and design my own Ouija Boards and Planchettes. 

The Moth design I drew has a meaning of transformation (death) and they bring messages from the afterlife - the place of spirit. I believe Moths symbolise your intuition and  encourage you to trust your inner wisdom.

As a Witch, I connect with the Energy of the Moon. The waxing and waning speaks to the feminine: the energy of the Maiden, the abundance of the Mother, the wisdom of the Crone.

The Mushrooms remind me of the liminal mushroom fairy circles. Folktales warn us of stepping into Mushroom Fairy Circles and entering the World of the Fae. I think of this also in the way of altering our minds and being a Totem of Spirit Travel.

Light beautiful hand-drawn moth and mushroom ouija board spirit board for beginners witchcraft

My wooden talking boards are made here on the Gold Coast, Australia. I am really pleased with the way they have turned out - they contain the magical energy of my designs and I hope you use them in your spiritual practice and they help you immerse in the magick.

I have been faithful to the traditional Ouija Board design, so they have the words “yes”, “no”, “maybe”, “hello”, “goodbye”, the alphabet and the numbers zero to nine.


Whether you are a Green Witch, Hedge Witch, Occultist, Pagan or on any other spiritual path, do not be afraid and  embrace Ouija Boards in your Spiritual practice. Respect and thank the Spirits you talk to for opening up this gateway to the Spirit World

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