FREE Valentines Puzzle Card PRINTABLE

Making a Victorian Puzzle Purse Card for your Valentine: A Journey to Whimsy and Intrigue

The Victorian Puzzle Purse Card, with its hidden message and unfolding layers, is a charming way to send a unique and sentimental greeting this Valentine's Day. 

I have illustrated and designed a Printable Victorian Puzzle Purse Card that is FREE to download for all my Spellbound Society Newsletter Members, sign up for FREE.

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Here's your guide to crafting one:


  1. Start with the Square Printable: glue the font and back design together.
  2. Folding Fun: Make diagonal folds from corner to corner, creating an "X" crease. Then, fold each corner towards the center point where the creases intersect. You now have a smaller square.
  3. Layer by Layer: Take one layer and fold its corner further towards the center, creating a triangle shape. Repeat for all four corners, forming a smaller square in the center.
  4. The Heart of the Purse: Unfold two opposite triangles, leaving the other two folded. These unfolded triangles become the "purse flap." 
  5. Unveiling the Secret: Fold the remaining two triangles inwards, tucking them into the pockets created by the unfolded triangles. Your purse is complete!
  6. Personalize Your Creation: On the back of the card, write your message,  even tuck a pressed flower for a Victorian touch.
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